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About Me

I love to take pictures of epic moments and drink coffee...

Hello! My name is Bobby D. I am a photographer, auctioneer, fundraiser, father, husban and fun maker and haver! I love capturing moments that tell a story, create emotion and inspire action. I've been shooting since I was 8 years old and now am excited to help so many amazing people, companies and organizations share their beautiful story visually. I love to surf, mountain bike, overland, cook, eat, laugh and make people smile. I have 2 rules in life: Have Fun and Be Awesome! 

Interested in booking a shoot? 

Surf, Engagement, Family, Pets, Products, Services...I love to capture all of these images and make them inspire those that view them. You will be have an amazing experience creating moments that will live forever! 

1 hour to Multi-Day

Prices start at $250...willing to work with your budget

Willing to Travel

text or call: 480-212-6916

email: bobbydphotog@gmail.com